The Franchise King's Rating on Crumble Cookies (2023)

The Franchise King's Rating on Crumble Cookies (1)

Here is minecrumb cookies Franchise verification.

The Crumbl Cookies Franchise

Crumbl® Biscuitsis a cookie baking and delivery company that offers fresh, hot and delicious cookies along with ice cream and other complimentary items. The company was co-founded by Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley.

They have been franchising since 2018 and are based in Orem, Utah. As of this writing, they have opened more than 600 franchises.

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Crumble Franchise Cost: Initial Investment and Ongoing Fees

Your cost to purchase a Crumbl Cookies franchise ranges from $227,666 to $567,833.

franchise fee: 25.000 $

Minimum Liquidity Required: $150,000

Ongoing monthly fees

Royalties: 8%

Marketing commission: 2%

What makes Crumbl® cookies unique?

Crumbl's menu offers over 200 unique flavors and the selection changes weekly. According to their website, this encourages customers to return to try new flavors.

For example, while I was writing this, someone in my family asked me: "What are your cookies of the week??” This is a good sign that your marketing is working.

Role of the franchisee in the management of the business.

Crumbl Cookie franchisees are expected to be actively involved in the business. Until a certain point.

Because according to clause 15 of the Crumbl FDD “Its principal owner must be personally involved in the direct operation and supervision of the franchised business on a full-time basis for at least the first 60 days of operation. Thereafter, we require on-site supervision by your primary owner or their designated manager, who must be certified by us to run your franchise business. Your principal owner must work sufficient hours to operate your franchise business or to supervise your manager in order for your franchise business to operate at his or her best capacity and efficiency..“

Finally, the icing on the cake.pastelThe cookie comes directly from your franchise website.

This is not a side job. We are looking for owners willing to put on the apron. If he's not willing to be around you and in your store for an extended period of time, this may not be for you..“

So don't plan on being an absentee owner because it won't fly.

The Franchise King's Review of Crumbl Cookies: Things You May Have Missed

Did you know that Crumbl has an internal social network with a franchisee-only platform to monitor unit sales, ticket times and more?

Which makes sense, because from what I've read, it seems that the founders of Crumbl are definitelyPro-Techand continue to uncover opportunities for franchisees to take advantage of new technology for maximum value.

The other thing I saw was a bit disturbing.

In point #6 of the FDD, listed under “Other charges,Franchisees can be scammed for many things. for me it is exaggeratedyunnecessary.

Frankly, aside from the IP part, penalties can be a concern for franchisees.

In one case a simple "Franchisees are expected to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their customers and employees.' would probably be enough.

In any case, here are your potential penalties if you don' hold back.

Fines for non-compliance with the system

  • store impurities($250)
  • Missing documentation($250)
  • Unauthorized use/disclosure of trademarks, brand materials, intellectual property, confidential information(1.000 $)
  • Unauthorized use of the product/supplier(1.000 $)bring!
  • unauthorized packaging(1.000 $)
  • Poor product quality ($250)
  • Failure to meet deadlines for new equipment, products, processes, etc. ($250)
  • Hygiene/dress code violation ($250)
  • Health or Safety Breach ($250)
  • Other breach ($250)

Wait. Hygiene? How bad breath? disheveled hair? That's ridiculous.

Just one thing.

The founders of this cookie franchise are (at this time) Sue competitors who claim to infringe their trademarks and cookie designs.

This is quite unusual for a young franchisor and means that the company is spending a lot of money on lawyers. Could this hurt your finances? Could it potentially hinder investments that can help Crumbl Cookie franchisees make more money? Maybe. We will see.

Franchisee Benefits

Crumbl provides charts of financial performance (FPR) in point #19 of your FDD.

I will not give the numbers here as they are.foreverIt is best to contact existing franchisees for the latest figures. Also, if the franchise turns out not to be for you, the numbers don't matter.

As a matter of factI don't care if the franchisor discloses the franchisee's sales and profit figures or not. Why?

Because they are averages, and that is what most would-be franchisees look at.higherIncome figures anyway. They then use it to make a buying decision and end up disappointed that they didn't hit the high end of the profit spectrum. Do not do that!

Instead of this,Call many franchiseesand ask them about revenue, break-even times, and other things that matter to you.

The Franchise King's Rating on Crumble Cookies (3)

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Crumble Cookies Franchise Review by The Franchise King

Is Crumbl a good franchise?

From the consumer's point of view, the producteson the expensive side. But I tried his cookies. You are very good.

But in a high-inflation environment, will enough consumers buy them often enough?

On the franchise buyer side, Crumbl is an expensive franchise opportunity.

With an investment in the $500,000 range, it is important to calculate how many years it will take to recoup your potential investment of $500,000 and how much profit you can expect.

In other words, how many cookies do you need to sell to break even and make money?

Dieotherway to get this response, along withawhat you need is to talk to your franchisees.

That means you need to have at least long conversations (on the phone) with 12-15 of them. And you must visit (and spend the day) with at least one franchisee.

With that in mind, if you want specific, proven research tips and techniques that you can apply right now to get the facts that matter to you about any franchise that interests you,Get my franchise research guide now. yoGuaranteeYou will become a smarter and better informed franchise buyer!

Don't even think about buying a Crumbl Cookies franchise because "everyone likes cookies.” It's not the right reason.

Instead, you should base your buying decision on the company's business fundamentals, along with your chances of success as a franchisee.

what I hear

I visit various places online that you probably don't.

Some of these places (which I freely share in my Franchise Research Guide), contain feedback from consumers and sometimes even from franchisees who own or have owned the franchise at one time or another.

In the case of Crumble Cookies, it is mainly consumers who comment on the brand.

The general consensus is "Cookies used to be better," y "Management seems more focused on adding locations than perfecting their products.“

These are, of course, opinions.

But you can certainly address these issues by talking to franchisees. lookyousay.

the trial

As far as owning a Crumbl Cookies franchise, I'm not done yet.

It's a great investment and you have a lot of cookies to always, to have a decent chance of owning a profitable franchise business.

My review:3 the crown

The Franchise King's Rating on Crumble Cookies (5)

Note: Never base your decision of yes or no to purchase a franchise solely on an evaluation of the franchise. Instead, you should base your decision on the facts you've found, your budget, and your determination to succeed as the owner of the most powerful trading system ever created; franchising.

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(The image of the delicious cookie crumble at the top of this review is courtesy of Crumbl's Facebook page..)


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