The Safest Neighborhoods in Columbus: The Ultimate List for 2022 | renovated house (2023)

The Safest Neighborhoods in Columbus: The Ultimate List for 2022 | renovated house (1)

The Arch City, Columbus, is the capital of Ohio and is one of the most unique places to live in the state. Columbus is safer than other notable Ohio cities like Cleveland, but some areas are safer than others. With that being said, what are the safest neighborhoods in Columbus?

The safest neighborhoods in Columbus include Harrison West, Victorian Village, Far North, and Italian Village. Areas like Upper Arlington, Downtown, and the Brewery District are safer than most of Columbus, Ohio. Northwest Columbus, Worthington and Clintonville are among the safest places to live in Columbus.

There's no such thing as a perfect neighborhood, but the 11 Safest Neighborhoods in Columbus come pretty close. Crime statistics and population data ultimately determine the safety of a neighborhood. Follow us as we explore the safest neighborhoods in Columbus.

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The Safest Neighborhoods in Columbus: The Ultimate List for 2022 | renovated house (2)

1. Northwest of Colon

Population: 45,000

Median Home Price: $176,633

Safety: Safer than 60% of Ohio

Northwest Columbus is a safer middle-class neighborhood than 60% of Ohio cities. crime saw a10% annual reduction in recent years, and it seems that the fall will continue. Housing costs are low in Northwest Columbus and it consists primarily of apartments and condominiums.

Police are known to be reliable and responsive in northwest Columbus, which helps explain the low crime rate. Northwest of Coloncovers 20 square miles, and there are many opportunities for entertainment and employment. There is a low poverty and unemployment rate in northwest Columbus, and this helps keep crime down.

2. Italian town

Population: 5,003

Median Home Price: $334,391

Safety: Safer than 62% of Ohio

The general offense is38% below the national average in Italian Village, and that makes it one of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus. Besides being one of the safest neighborhoods in Columbus, there are more reasons to visit this neighborhood.

The Italian town is historically significant and you can feel it when you see the old architecture and streets. The neighborhood is a welcoming, artistic community with many places to eat and entertainment opportunities.

From coffee shops to bakeries, pizzerias, and casual to fine dining, this neighborhood is truly a foodie's paradise!Violent crimes are 46% below the national averageand property crime is 36% below the national average in Italian Village.

3. Alto Arlington

Population: 36,800

Median Home Price: $467,090

Safety: Safer than 50% of Ohio

Another historic neighborhood, Upper Arlington, was founded in 1913 by real estate developers named Ben and King Thompson. What used to be called the "Country Club District", Upper Arlington is now a beautiful suburb enjoyed by many.

It is a picturesque town, favored by a family that wants to raise their children in a safe environment. It is also conveniently located near supermarkets, restaurants, bars, gyms, and different outdoor public places. Everything you might need is close by.

4. Worthington

Population: 14,786

Median Home Price: $251,400

Safety: Safer than 57% of Ohio

Worthington is another safe neighborhood in Columbus where crime is below the national and city average. Total crime in this neighborhood is 57% lower than in the rest of Ohio. there is only 14 crimes per 1,000 inhabitantsen Worthington.

With many retirees living here, this neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. In this neighborhood there is also a high police presence which increases security throughout the area.

5. Center

Population: 9,270

Median Home Price: $285,700

Safety: Safer than 60% of Ohio

If you think that the safest neighborhoods inColón are only found in the middle-class areaYes, you are wrong! With an overall crime rate 34% lower than Ohio's, downtown is also a safe place to be.

Located right in the center of the city's bustle, Downtown is a safe place for those who want to be close to where it all happens. With the Columbus Police Chief of Staff headquarters located in this area, you don't have to worry about your safety when you're here.

Contrary to the common stereotype thrown around city centers, this area is a walkable place even at night. So, if you are one of those who likes to enjoy the chaotic good vibes of a city, this is the perfect place for you.

6. Beer District

Population: 5,866

Median Home Price: $299,900

Safety: Safer than 87% of Ohio

Last but not least is the Brewery District. Also known as the old German beer district, this neighborhood is located in the southern part of the city's business district. The Brewery District is safer than 87% of Ohio cities and the crime rate is 38% lower than the US average.

Unsurprisingly from the name, the Brewery District is the best place to go if craft beer bars and music are your thing. This chic and lively neighborhood is popular with both tourists and locals.

7. Far North

Population: 32,523

Median Home Price: $186,456

Safety: Safer than 89% of Ohio

With a crime rate 16% lower than the national average, Far North consistently makes lists of the best and safest places to live in Columbus. This neighborhood offers a dense suburban feel to all who come here.

Far North has many parks and restaurants to suit everyone. There are also highly regarded public schools, pet walking areas, picnic areas, and other common areas. You can also enjoy skiing and kayaking. There are abundant lakes and green areas.

8. Bexley

Population: 13,786

Median Home Price: $337,683

Safety: Safer than 95% of Ohio

Bexley is a suburb of Columbus's first ring road, which is most famous for its close-knit, historic neighborhoods. Today, this area has an old-fashioned, elegant atmosphere that attracts many young professionals to live here.

Compared to most Columbus neighborhoods, Bexley is 95% safer. This is a well connected area with great access to medical facilities.

Bexley also offers a walkable main street setting. And because of its proximity to some prestigious private schools, Bexley has been named the home of Capital University.

9. Clintonville

Population: 30,675

Median Home Price: $209,483

Safety: Safer than 95% of Ohio

Another upscale Columbus neighborhood is Clintonville. With its extremely low crime rate, it is considered safer than 95% of Ohio cities.

Adding to these stats, this neighborhood also has a strong community spirit, making it a perfect choice for those looking to relocate. You can expect Clintonville residents to be welcoming and friendly. Walk the streets of this neighborhood and receive greetings and smiles.

Living in Clintonville, you will enjoy the bars, cafes, restaurants and parks. Many young professionals choose to live in this neighborhood. With many amenities located in this area, Clintonville is not only safe but also liveable.

10. Victorian town

Population: 9,866

Median Home Price: $380,866

Safety: Safer than 97% of Ohio

Living up to its name, Victorian Village is a neighborhood made up of many Victorian architectures. In addition to its beauty, it is also conveniently located near common areas of interest. Downtown, The Ohio State University, and the local bike path are within walking distance.

Although criminal activity used to be a big problem in Victorian Village a few decades ago, it is now 74% safer than the rest of the city. The streets are well lit which gives you peace of mind when talking at night.

11. Harrison West

Population: 1,347

Median Home Price: $335,383

Safety: Safer than 97% of Ohio

Harrison West is a historic urban area located northwest of the city. It is situated a few blocks along the Olentangy River and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

This neighborhood offers a youthful atmosphere and is home to many young professionals and small families. Harrison West's crime rates have decreased by 12% each year.

In addition to its unique overall appeal, the people who live here tend to look out for one another, adding to the area's collective sense of safety. Also, the police station is only a few minutes away.

colombo crime

Crime is usually a big problem in Ohio, except for Columbus, which is not on the FBI's list of the 50 Most Dangerous Cities in America.

Your chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime is one in 203. Violent crimes include rape, murder, assault, and robbery. On the other hand, your chance of becoming a victim of a property crime is one in 29. Property crimes include vehicle theft, burglary, and burglary.

Compared to other communities of the same size in the US,the crime rate in Columbus is significantly lower. These data show the analysis carried out by the FBI.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is home to many safe neighborhoods, such as Bexley and Victorian Village. However, Columbus has an element of danger, andproperty crime affects 1 in 31 residents. There are more than 150 crimes per square mile in Columbus, and most of them occur in just a few neighborhoods.

OThe most dangerous neighborhoods in Colónthey include Milo Grogan and South Linden.Violent crime is 112% more common in neighborhoods like Franklinton than the national average. Take a look at the Colombo neighborhoods you should avoid:

ClassificationNeighborhoodPopulationViolent Crimes / 100K

crime rate percentage





Olentangy River Highway3.967784



the only one





Milo Grogan1.513725





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The Safest Neighborhoods in Columbus: The Ultimate List for 2022 | renovated house (3)


Ohio's safest neighborhoods includeVictorian Town, Italian Town, Harrison West and Clintonville. Bexley, Far North, Downtown, and the Brewery District are all safer than the average Columbus neighborhood.Upper Arlington and Northwest Columbusround out the safest neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio.

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